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By promoting on Trafficshout.

What is Trafficshout?
It’s a smart platform that provides you to make your business an attraction hub. You can advertise your trade by multiple options that help to get more revenue. The amazing part is that one can start giving an advertisement with a single penny. Its the most affordable and genuine way to get traffic on your weblink.

Why Trafficshout?
Because we provide all the access of campaigns in your hands, not only to start but also to pause or close for getting back your money anytime. You can use this money into any of your other campaigns or you can avail refund too, as per terms & conditions. It will take 2 min to start a campaign with us, which is pretty quick as compared to all other market competitors that require lots of formalities & approvals.

 How does it work?
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Types of Advertisement

Currently, 4 Types of Ad products are running, which will be increasing in the coming days.

  1. PTC AD: In PTC Ad you can promote any of the Weblink like website/blog/article/affiliate etc which support into iFrame. Our PTC Ad system will provide you Traffic on the web link which helps you to generate Sale, Leads, Subscribers and much more. This will also help you to improve your Alexa ranking.
  2. Video AD: Video Ad is our amazing product where you can promote any of YouTube video. A video advertisement is more popular nowadays, so Ad-media helps to build the brand image by promoting small videos. You even can sell your products/services through video, which helps you to generate sales/leads.
  3. Login AD: Login Ad is our premium Ad product by with you can promote your web link. This will be viewed by our entire loyal member who visits us regularly and this weblink will be shown after login & before they reach to the dashboard.
  4. Banner AD: Online Banner advertisement is much popular than offline. You can build your brand by sharing your banner on our platform. Our banner advertisement will help you to build your brand and you can add weblink as well, which helps you to generate leads & sales.

Cost of our Ads product

We have a very unique feature that helps you to test our Ad system any time with a very small amount or even free. You will get 500 ADC (Advertisement Credits) which you can utilize to give any kind of Ad with us, these free credits are valid till 365 days from the date of issue. You can also buy a Single view with us that means there is NO huge budget required to start a campaign, so you can start with a small amount.  We have a very competitive price that you can compare from elsewhere.

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