How To Start PTC AD Campaign?

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To start PTC advertisement with us, you need ZORIX Token or ADC. ZORIX Token is available on waves exchange to purchase & ADC can be bought from the dashboard after login, find the Buy ADC option under Ad Campaigns.

Let’s begin step by step process to Start PTC AD Campaign.

Once a user has logged in to the Dashboard, you will get the option as given below:-

  1. Click to Ads Campaign
  2. Click to PTC Ads Campaign
  3. Click to Add New

Once you click to an Add New option,  you will get a form to fill, to start a campaign. In this form, you will get below 6 options to start the campaign as guided in the screenshot.

  1. Wallet type: Select Payment Mode that you wish to use for this campaign ZORIX/ADC.
  2. Campaign Title: Enter the name of the campaign you want.
  3. Ad Link: Enter a Weblink (Website/blog/article) which you want to promote & check the right side box whether your link supports us or not. If your weblink works in the box then only you can start the campaign otherwise weblink will give any Error or Blank page in the box that means weblink is not supported and you will not be able to submit your campaign.
  4. Minimum Bid: Minimum bid will start from a certain amount (USD ONLY) that will switch your advertisement position, as per the bidding range. Higher bidding costs will provide a top position that helps to get more visits and high-quality traffic.
  5. Duration of View: Select Duration as per your choice from 10 Second to 30 Second. The Cost will auto increase for the duration you choose.
  6. Click on Submit Button to save your campaign

This is how it looks after submitting a campaign.

  1. Status: You can Start & Pause Campaigns at any time.
  2. Add Balance: You can add balance to this particular campaign at any time.
  3. Edit: You can edit your campaign at any time.
  4. Delete: You can delete your campaign any time if your balance is 0. If you have balance into your campaign then you have to either wait to finish it or you can directly reverse it back into your wallet to make it 0 and then you can delete the campaign.

Add balance: To start the campaign, you have to retain the balance to make this campaign LIVE. Click on the add button, a new pop will open where you will get the option to refill balance as guided in the screenshot. One can either enter the amount manually or click on the slider to change its value. The value converter will show you the live cost of USD=ADC/Zorix. That means, the balance will be allocated in ADC/ZORIX, but the value needs to enter is in USD and the system will auto-calculate it. Once the value is selected, click on Transfer fund Button.

Once the Fund is added into a particular campaign, the new option will appear below the current balance option. You can reverse fund any time into your wallet, which can be used for another campaign or withdraw back as per term & condition anytime.

If you still have any queries or doubts, Please feel free to email us at

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