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What is LaunchPAD?
Traffic Shout LaunchPAD is a unique feature to get traffic & build your Crypto Asset around the Globe with us. This is the perfect way of psychological marketing and we are the first creator to start this project in the world. Initially, we are launching the AIRDROP with a unique option. As compared to the traditional process, where users used to share a wallet address to participate in Airdrop, we are providing the option to visit your landing page every day to participate in Airdrop. Here users can invite more people & share your project/crypto-asset around the globe to get paid more.

We are the world’s first company that has started LISTING Coins & Token into our platform for advertisement. We are happy to announce that we have successfully integrated a new feature under our advertisement platform, in which the user can list its Coin or Token with us. The same Coin or Token can be used by our two products called PTC AD & Video AD. It can also be promoted by the user while using both products. After listing of Coin or Token users can start an advertisement campaign immediately. Advertiser can redirect all the traffic into the site/video, etc. These campaigns are 100% under the user’s control, which means they can Start/Pause/Edit/Delete any time. Also, the funds can be removed and withdrawn from the particular campaign at any time without restrictions. Coin or Token will integrate with us for a certain period as per our mutual contract and the company’s policy. A lot more ways to promote your crypto assets will be introduced in our upcoming 2021 ROADMAP.

How to apply for LauchPAD?
Email us the below-mentioned details at Our backend team will review your application and if any further information is required will be asked by email. Once your application is approved, you will get a notification and can start your campaign immediately.

  • Name of the Coin or Token
  • Name of the Blockchain used for the Coin or Token
  • Contract address
  • Name of the exchange, where Coin or Token is Listed
  • Link for trading pair (Minimum one)

Personal Details:

  • Name of the Person
  • Designation
  • Email
  • Mobile/Contact (Optional)
  • Country

 Term & Conditions

  1. Coin or Token should be listed in at least one exchange.
  2. Coin or Token should be Live at least with one trading pair.
  3. The transaction fee of all transactions will be paid by the advertiser in case of Token Listing.
  4. The minimum Campaign BID will cost $0.01 per view ($10 for 1000 View/Visits).
  5. If our users report you as any kind of Scam, will cause immediate de-listing.
  6. If the reason for delisting will be Scam, then your fund will be permanently blocked.
  7. The listing will take up to 48hours to get active.
  8. You can live your Ad Campaign immediately after depositing your funds.
  9. After Listing of the Coin or Token, Your wallet will display under our All Wallet tab.
  10. Once your wallet shows under our all wallet tab, the user can deposit & withdraw funds at any time.
  11. An advertiser/User can deposit or withdraw the Coin or Token anytime.
  12. To avoid any kind of Hacking or Scamming, we have made a manual withdrawal process so the Deposit & withdrawal will take up to 24 to 48 hours.
  13. There will be a 2% fee levied for all withdrawals.

If you still have any queries or doubts, Please feel free to email us at

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