Earn up to 40% APY on ZORIX Staking

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ZORIX STAKING is an amazing & easy way to earn a staking REWARD. ZORIX staking works on POV algorithm, “POV” called “PROOF OF VIEW” & this is totally based on an advertisement. Users need to watch ads on daily basis to get rewards for staking. We have 2 types of STAKES (Z)2500 & (Z)500 in which users need to buy ZORIX from the market. ZORIX is listed on Waves exchange with 2 trading pairs ZORIX/BITCOIN & ZORIX/WAVES, so users can buy ZORIX any time from waves exchange & sell any time to convert into Bitcoin Waves Coin. A user can buy unlimited stakes multiple of (Z) 2500 & (Z) 500. The reason for the small amount of staking is awareness of cryptocurrency & give equal opportunity to all people around the globe although a user has $1.

We have World’s smallest STAKING system in terms of COST as compare to other cryptocurrency which required thousands of dollars in investments.

We have 4 Stages in our STAKING & in each stage user will get approx 180% as a reward, but time will be increase to double in each stage as given below:

STAGE-1: 6 400 000 ZORIX & Time will be 6 Months, Reward will be 30% Monthly
STAGE-2: 7 000 000 ZORIX & Time will be 12 Months, Reward will be 15% Monthly
STAGE-3: 7 000 000 ZORIX & Time will be 24 Months, Reward will be 7.5% Monthly (Current Stage)
STAGE-4: 7 000 000 ZORIX & Time will be 48 Months, Reward will be 3.75% Monthly

The time frame for all stages?
 Start from 15th May 2019 to 15th November 2019
STAGE-2: Start from 16th November 2019 to 15th November 2020
Start from 16th November 2020 to 15th November 2022 (Current Stage)
Start from 16th November 2022 to 15th November 2026

Every project does not require ICO/IPO or millions of dollars to take initiate, So we did not collect a single penny from the market. we just start with airdrop & then we had listed on Exchange for trading with two major pair ZORIX/BITCOIN & ZORIX/WAVES. We believe in our community, we believe in each & every user. ZORIX/TRAFFICSHOUT is a community-driven platform. Our Community will run this platform & we always support all our participants.

How to buy STAKE?

We run our project with the community, not with investors & we do not need any investor with us.

If you have any query please feel free to email us at support@trafficshout.com

Warm Regards
Team Traffic Shout

Telegram Channel: https://bit.ly/2wBb3tU
Telegram Group: https://bit.ly/33KN9bk

Follow us on Medium: http://bit.ly/35mhRY5
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